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Dekens & Groenendaal Strafrechtadvocaten was established January 1, 2008. The firm was founded by two attorneys at law: mr. Nancy Dekens and mr. Eline Groenendaal. Today, the firm is comprised of four lawyers in total: mr. Dekens, mr. Groenendaal, mr. Swart and mr. Kruizinga.

The firm

Dekens & Groenendaal is a law firm that specializes in criminal law. The lawyers will therefore only handle cases of a criminal nature. Although they do not engage in cases outside of their expertise, they will refer other cases to an affiliated firm within their network. This insures clients that they will be provided with representation of a high standard, by specialized attorneys with an outstanding knowledge of contemporary law, which will be applied within a court of law with utmost sincerity.

The lawyers at this firm operate independently, but work in a cooperative spirit. Therefore, should your lawyer be currently unavailable, it is very likely that one of the other lawyers is up to speed in your case to a certain extent.

In the event that you have become a suspect/been accused of a criminal offence, you can rely on defense counseling that is both thorough and sincere. The opted strategy for your defense will be presented to you, and in case you do not agree with the chosen strategy, you are free to say so.

The firm has a quality administrative office. Should your lawyer be occupied, the person that answers the phone will be able to answer any questions you may have. That person will either personally see to it that your question or request is dealt with accordingly, or that your lawyer will be informed so that he/she can contact you as soon as possible.

Mr. Dekens, mr. Groenendaal, mr. Swart and mr. Kruizinga litigate at all courts, throughout the country. Our firm has an internal complaint regulation should there be any complications or dispute.