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mr. Nancy Dekens

Mr. Dekens graduated in early 1998 in Dutch law, specializing in criminal law. While she was enrolled at University she worked as a volunteer at the Juridisch Spreekuur Gedetineerden (Juridical Consultation Hour for Inmates), and was a board member of a criminal law association for students.

Mr. Dekens has been working as a lawyer since 1 July 1998. She started out in Haarlem, where she worked on all sorts of cases. Not much later on the 1st of May 1998, she took a job at a reputable law firm in Amsterdam, where she could focus on criminal law. Since then, mr. Dekens has occupied herself with criminal law cases almost exclusively.

Within the field of criminal law, mr. Dekens specifically handles adult cases. She often deals with cases involving severe violent conduct, narcotics, and property offence; possibly having ties to organized crime.

Mr. Dekens has been involved in various notorious cases. She assisted a Hell’s Angels member in the Acronym investigation, and defended Salim A., whom was found not guilty of murder after having spent five years in custody. She also represented one of the suspects in the Marinus Ooms murder case in Haulerwijk. Last but not least, she has represented the schoolteacher from Purmerend who allegedly stabbed his ex-wife twenty times with a knife.

Mr. Dekens is not easily daunted by the vast spectrum of cases she deals with. Nevertheless, her calling really seems to be those cases with homicide and manslaughter written all over them.

In her approach she has proven to not be shy of interaction with the media, given that this does not conflict with the interests of her clients.

Mr. Dekens is persistent and determined, and does everything in her power to defend her clients’ rights, something she does with a great deal of conviction. She is not one to beat around the bush; she says it like it is and comes straight to the point. Interestingly enough, she displays this assertiveness both with her clients, and in the courtroom.

Mr. Dekens is also a member of the Dutch Association of Criminal Law Attorneys.

Besides criminal law cases, mr. Dekens deals with Compulsory Admission cases BOPZ.