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mr. Nienke Swart

Mr. Nienke Swart has been a lawyer at Dekens & Groenendaal strafrechtadvocaten since January 2009. She was sworn in on February 24, 2009.

Mr. Swart attained her master degree in criminal law at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam in December 2008. She did her bachelor degree at the University of Utrecht, where she also specialized in juvenile crime and law.

Mr. Swart has a lot of knowledge on the subject of ‘OM-afdoening’ (direct punishment by the Public Prosecution Service), as this is was her area of focus while wrapping up her studies. She has released critical commentary on the tendency to bargain pleas, which would cause a judge to be circumvented. According to mr. Swart, this procedure generally has great consequences for the accused with regard to their right to a fair trial. Ultimately, the law ‘OM-afdoening’ has caused the safeguards to a fair trial to be diminished.

Furthermore, mr. Swart has collaborated in the publication of the Sdu Commentaar Strafvordering Eindonderzoek 2008/2009 in the last phase of her studies.

Mr. Swart is a very skilled lawyer, who excels in legal analyses, and can stand her ground in a court of law.

Mr. Swart predominantly works on communal criminal law cases.